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Bezara Conscious Cosmetics is a mother and daughter owned brand that started in Orlando, FL. The founders Daniela Bezara and Yajaira Rodriguez became motivated to create this cosmetic line because of their passion and fascination for makeup.

The passion grew stronger when they realized that the makeup industry is quite intimidating for beginners, so they created the tools to facilitate your everyday makeup use.





 We are dedicated to creating high quality products without breaking your wallet. All of our products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free. We strive to create a brand that you can trust and rely on. 






At Bezara Cosmetics, We celebrate the beauty in every individual. We are here to empower others to become their unapologetic-authentic selves. Having struggled with body image issues throughout High school and her early 20s , Daniela, The founder, knows exactly what it’s like to lack confidence.

After calling it quits on the blame game, she decided to take on self-care and makeup instead. She became obsessed with learning to love every part of her being, including what society trains you to view as “flaws”. As her journey elevated, she found herself incredibly passionate about helping other women break the gap between fear and confidence.

Today she lives to end self-hate and body image issues by empowering women to step into the UNAPOLOGETIC CONFIDENCE they deserve.