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Do you and your audience resonate with our brand? Do you have an engaged and loyal following?

We would love for you to join our program! Our mission is to embrace the beauty in every individual all while making makeup less intimidating for those starting their journey in beauty.
Rep our products while helping women feel confident and empowered.


You will be able to give your audience 20% SAVINGS and you will earn 10-15% COMMISSION when your code is used.

You are required to have at least 1K followers in order to become an affiliate. We believe in the power of micro-influencers and a strongly engaged following. We want to give the opportunity to all influencers.

When you first start you will automatically be able to make a 10% commission and after 5 sales we will bump your commission to 15%.


1. At least one permanent post on Instagram feed

2. Instagram story post with a link in bio to shop or "swipe up" feature.

*No contracts, you can cancel affiliation at any time*

If you like to join our affiliate program please fill out the information below. We do take into consideration a lot more than the # of followers. You must have a brand that fits our values and mission. Highly engaged audience and fit our ideal customer. Once you apply someone in our team will reach out to you with an answer within 7 days of applying. We are so EXCITED for YOU to be a part of our Slayer team.
Click here to apply <3