Don't Let Covid-19 Ruin Your Confidence

Let's Face it, whenever we heard of this pandemic and the fact that you did not have to work for a couple of weeks or work from home our first thoughts were "OH YES, PJ'S ALL DAY!" Until days passed by and you started feeling sluggish, unproductive, and your confidence was slowly dropping.

Trust me girlfriend, I LOVE MY PJ'S, and the second I get home all I want to do is run to my closet and take off my bra and hop into an over-sized shirt and a pair of pajama shorts. But after a few days of Pj's all day and Netflix and chilling I just start feeling my mental health depleting slowly but surely. And the last thing we want to do is get to the point where the negative self-talk starts creeping in, and you are feeling depressed because now you are stinky, and you have not accomplished a thing.

I had to throw the tough love in there.

Benefits Of Getting Ready Everyday

1. Your productivity increases. When the first thing you do when you wake up is get ready whether its for the gym (outside or in home workout in our current case), or you just shower up and put on a little bit of foundation and mascara on you will find that you'll start doing things around the house, work on something you have been putting in the back burner, and even start a new project.

2. Energy levels increase. No better feeling than a fresh shower in the morning, and the scent of fresh perfume to get you started.

3. Getting ready in the morning is the ultimate CONFIDENCE SLAYER. You know you look good, so you feel good and everything you tackle that day will be the ripple effect of feeling good.

4. You are ready for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I know, most of us are under lock down but if the situation presents itself to where you have to leave your house you are ready to conquer whatever it is.

5. Depression starts fading away. No more negative self talk. You chose to shave your legs, and armpits, you are ready to conquer the rest. So go on rub some lotion on those smooth legs, and tell yourself how beautiful you are.

This Corona-virus is messing with us, but do not let it destroy your



Be safe & know that it will get better.




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