The leaves are changing, Starbucks has pumpkin flavored everything, and girls are wearing cardigans. Do you know what that means? Fall is finally here! 

   The crisp autumn air that makes you want to cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa or apple cider. So many fall activities to do outside, so why not look your best as you strut through the pumpkin patch. Although this year has looked a lot different than what everyone had imagined, makeup still remains. This year's trends have us experimenting with bold colors, bright lips, and unique eyeliner. At Bezara Cosmetics we believe every occasion is the perfect occasion to be your best self. We have compiled a list of trends we’ve been seeing for this fall season and we hope you try them and tag us in your selfies


Matte Red Lips   







This season is all about lips! Matte red lips are a classic staple to have in any season and were seeing loads this fall. Neutral face with a bold lip has been seen across the runway and we’re obsessed with it. Red lips are a bold statement and super eye catching.



Floating Liner




We saw this look in the “Rain On Me” music video by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, and it quickly sparked rage amongst beauty influencers and high fashion. We all have black liner in our kits so experimenting outside the bounds of your normal lash line. Next time you’re getting ready, try adding a clean line just above your crease and right below your lower lash line, giving the classic cat eye a futuristic, yet '60s vibe. You can even try using colored eyeliner like we saw in the “Rain On Me” music video!



Watercolor Eyes






Impressionists have nothing compared to these art-gallery worthy eye shadow trends. Don’t be afraid to mix light and dark colors together on your eye. That’s the beauty of this trend, there is no right or wrong way to do it! Whatever makes you, the artist, feel happy. This gives you an excuse to use all the colors in your favorite palette you haven’t used, or the palette you don’t use as often as the others. The world is your oyster, queen!




Fluffy and Full Brows




For all my thick browed pals out there our time has come! Instead of lamenting over the fact that you haven't been able to get your brows waxed and plucked by your go-to technician since spring, now is the chance to embrace our fuller and fluffier brows. Leave reshaping to the professionals, but feel free to clean up your arches by plucking any stray hairs and trimming any strands that look overgrown. 


Vampire Glam


Do you remember the vampire diaries and how all the female vampires had dark sultry makeup? That’s the vibe we’re trying to go for. A dark purple lip with flirty lashes were made to go together, and not just on Halloween. Pair it with a gloss finish for more dimension and it will make your lips shine like the diamond you are. 



Face Decals



Ever since Euphoria hit the scene we’ve seen a massive trend of following the character Maddy Perez makeup routine. Consistent with bold eyes, rhinestones, and glitter this look has been appearing among beauty influencers and is still a strong favorite transitioning into fall. 

There you have it! These trends may seem a bit out there, but at Bezara Cosmetics were all about stepping out of your comfort zone. Which is why we’re so excited to try these looks! Feel your best self and don’t forget to clean your brushes when you’re trying these trends. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and tag us in your selfies with #bezaracosmetics!

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